Sea of Solitude Review (Xbox One X)

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Sea of Solitude is a incredibly unique adventure created by Jo-Mei Games.  The art style that the developers implemented for the visuals are stunning and they help to immerse players that much deeper into this strange world of darkness and light.  


Kay’s Journey



While there are many stars to this stellar story, players take the role of Kay. The game begins with her in a small boat, stranded and afraid. Within the depths is a large sea creature that is nightmarish in size and appearance. It not only relentlessly stalks Kay, but talks to her as it swims around her. The whole circumstance and presentation delivered here is absolutely terrifying.

Players can drive the boat around and explore the open sea for a place to dock. Once on foot, Kay will have to climb ladders, leap across buildings and navigate her way around the landscape and water without being devoured by the demonic being watching her every move.



As you progress through the story, additional monsters will appear and have to be dealt with. Throughout the whole adventure, Kay is in constant conversation regarding her surroundings and with the creatures themselves. Just when it can’t seem to get darker or more dire, she’ll encounter a friend who will help bring back light into her world. The story, characters and world itself is so well crafted. I won’t dare spoil a thing, as the story and experience itself from start to finish is nothing short of amazing.


Alone and Scared


While I won’t divulge any information that would spoil sections of the game, I will touch on subjects that the story hits on. This includes: loneliness, isolation, marital problems, bullying, selfishness and more.


Each chapter addresses specific situations and people in Kay’s life that either negatively affected her or highlights people she hurt.


It’s all implemented in such an imaginative way, that it made it tremendously difficult for me to put the controller down. I had to know what would happen next, who I would meet and what I might encounter within the next chapter. Minor faults included some repetitious gameplay elements at times and at the moment there is little reason to return after finishing it. Some games however, are meant to be enjoyed one time and I understand that this is what the devs may have purposely had in mind to begin with.


Conclusion and Score


Sea of Solitude is unlike anything else I have ever played. It tells such a powerful story in which so many people will be able to relate. Jo-Mei Games have done a phenomenal job in creating a frightening world that drags Kay to the darkest depths; while always leaving a hint of light and redemption around the corner that instills a beacon of hope. The journey won’t take you too long, but it’s one of the most unique ventures on any platform this generation.



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Sea of Solitude Review (Xbox One X)

Review Score - 9.4


Sea of Solitude is an adventure video game developed by Jo-Mei Games and published by Electronic Arts. The player controls a young woman named Kay as she explores an abandoned, submerged city and its scaly red-eyed creatures in order to reveal why Kay herself has turned into a monster.

User Rating: 4.62 ( 3 votes)

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