Redout: Lightspeed Edition Review (PS4 Pro)

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Redout is a futuristic racer by 34 Big Things. The gameplay is incredibly fast. Imagine flying around a race track at over 1,000 MPH. It’s an amazing thing to experience and is heavily reminiscent of flagship titles in this genre, such as Wipeout and F-Zero. The game also sports incredible visuals and runs at 4K resolution via checkerboard rendering; holding 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Speed freaks…start your hovercrafts!

It’s a beautiful game with vibrant details at each track, even when traveling at these blistering speeds.  Graphically, Redout: Lightspeed Edition showcases a unique look with impressive shading and lighting effects.  It was built using Unreal Engine 4 and it runs to near perfection on the PS4 Pro without breaking a sweat.  The game also features incredible sound effects with outstanding audio clarity.  Players will hear everything from their powerful engines winding out,  to the wind noise from traveling at such high velocities around each course.  The soundtrack for the game is another area that 34BigThings has nailed.  There’s nothing like listening to some great tunes while racing at ludicrous speeds.



This special Lightspeed Edition for the PlayStation 4 includes an impressive amount of new bonus content. The new additions include split-screen mode, Europa DLC, and Neptune DLC. With the included DLC, players will have 30 race tracks to master within six different environments, all found on planet Earth.  34BigThings have also stated they will have support for the Sony PSVR by the end of this year.  That is really exciting news for PSVR owners and I for one can’t wait to experience it.

Redout: Lightspeed Edition delivers an exhilarating racing experience that is tough as it is fast. Players will be racing their hovercraft’s around incredibly twisty tracks with neck breaking turns and gravity defying loops that keep you glued to the screen. The physics for each craft has been masterfully designed in that every manipulation, whether it be throttle, braking, steering or pitch adjustments, have immediate effects to your ship. Controlling your hovercraft on complex tracks at these speeds is no easy task. Some may find Redout has a somewhat steep learning curve, but it’s perfectly fair while offering players a nice challenge that makes every win extremely rewarding.



There are 4 Speed Classes for players to work their way through.  As you progress up the classes, the difficulty will also increase.  As your skills improve, you’ll be faced with steeper challenges that will keep you engaged for hours.  One very unique mode that we enjoyed immensely was the Boss Races. In these events, the tracks from each circuit are joined together for one enormous course.  This means laps up to and over 4 minutes long.  With this smashup of circuits and the ever changing environments around you, it makes for an incredible racing experience.  You’ll be flying by these gorgeous landscapes at break neck speeds, but yet the detail of each course is not lost.  The colors are bright and vivid, making it a fantastic visual treat.



Redout: Lightspeed Edition also offers unique challenges for those looking to earn special rewards.  Players will reach the top seed class at Level 22.  Depending on your skill level, this should take around 6-8 hours.  Mastering the Boss Races will likely take a bit longer.  This is no doubt one of the finest futuristic racers on any platform.  It’s bursting with style and the sense of speed is honestly unmatched.  With both DLC’s included in the Lightspeed Edition, there are an impressive amount of challenging tracks to learn.  Now we wait for this phenomenal racing experience on the PSVR, which again should be supported by the end of 2017.



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Redout: Lightspeed Edition Review (PS4 Pro)

Review Score - 92%


Redout is a tribute to classic anti-gravity racing games. It is designed to be an uncompromising, fast, tough and satisfying driving experience, soaked in the sensory overload that stands at the core of the arcade racing genre.

User Rating: 3.25 ( 1 votes)

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