A Hat in Time Review (PC)

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3D platformers are making a comeback this year and Gears for Breakfast has introduced gamers to a new entry in this genre called A Hat in Time.  The passion behind the team for games from this era is abundantly clear and they have created an incredible 3D platforming experience that is both new and a blast from the past.


A Hat in Time Review (PC) - Pixelated Gamer


The story in A Hat in Time is cartoonish and no doubt silly, but its a great fit for the look and feel of the game.  It’s what one might expect from a outlandish 3D platformer.  It’s nice to not have a super serious plot where there has to be edgy material and content.  The team behind it are big fans of the GameCube and it shows.  It’s heavily reminiscent of Super Mario Sunshine and Banjo-Kazooie.

Players take the role of a little girl that travels through space across 5 different worlds that include Subcon Forest, Battle of the Birds, and Alpine Skyline.  Gears for Breakfast also has plans for free DLC in the form of new worlds for future content.  There are 40 time pieces to collect through clearing out each area and all the bosses.  Exploration is encouraged and rewarded with secrets throughout each level.



As the name suggests, you’ll have access to a very powerful hat that has many abilities.  As you collect yarn, you’ll gain access to new platforming and combat capabilities.  Players can also gain new skills through badges that are sold by certain vendors in the game.  With the optional stages and number of objectives, there is some great content here that will keep you quite busy if you are determined to find everything.

The presentation in A Hat in Time has been wonderfully crafted and is sure to dazzle any fans of the classic retro 3D platformers of the past.  It’s bursting at the seems with vivid color and excellent visuals.  Gameplay is silky smooth and the in-game camera is luckily rock solid, which is especially essential to being successful in this genre.  With a capable PC, players can run the game at 60 FPS for that buttery smooth experience.



Gears for Breakfast has accomplished what many developers aimed for this year but came short.  That is a high quality, well performing and incredibly enjoyable 3D platformer.  Its gorgeous visuals, tight controls and vast colorful worlds offer a fantastic venture and it’s one that shouldn’t be missed.



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A Hat in Time Review (PC)

Review Score - 92%


A Hat in Time is a platform action-adventure video game developed by Gears for Breakfast for macOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was developed using Unreal Engine 3 and funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which doubled its fundraising goals within its first two days.

User Rating: 3.65 ( 1 votes)

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