Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Review: The Cadillac of Gaming Chairs?

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Vertagear has a diverse line of Gaming Chairs and even cutting edge accessories like their Wireless LED Kits for certain models.  Today we are covering the pinnacle of their lineup and possibly the Cadillac of Gaming Chairs.  Is the Triigger 350 Special Edition worth the hefty price tag?  Let’s dive in and find out.


Formula 1 Inspired Design


Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Review: The Cadillac of Gaming Chairs?


The Triigger 350 Special Edition was designed for lightning fast adjustments. The engineers at Vertagear have implemented lightweight, highly breathable materials throughout the chair, that is equally supportive in all crucial areas for outstanding comfort.    The frame is comprised of aluminum alloy.  It’s far lighter than steel and much stronger and durable than plastic bases.  It is not however not the cheaper route to go.  In fact, this is the most expensive material by far to use for this purpose.  It comes pre-assembled  with 12.9 Class screws holding everything in place.  These are really only second to military grade equivalent hardware in regards to their strength and load bearing abilities.




Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Review: The Cadillac of Gaming Chairs?


The all aluminum frame on the SE has been painted with high grade automotive paint and finished with a slick clearcoat.  It’s a deep, gorgeous cherry red tone that sparkles in the light due to the pearl finish.  It’s absolutely stunning and really helps to bring out the sloping curves and sleek overall frame design.  The 75mm Holtron hub-less casters with all metal ball bearings and cavity silencers also sport the same vivid paint job.  I’m half tempted to break out my Meguiar’s Quick Wax to see if I can get even more shine out of the candy apple pearl paint.  It’s an official showstopper.


Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Review: The Cadillac of Gaming Chairs?


Materials for the seat itself include highly supportive DuPont TPEE elastomer mesh.   It delivers outstanding comfort, superior support and unbeatable breathing capabilities to keep you nice and cool during extended game sessions or long work hours.  The side sills are made of premium calfskin leather, showcasing an embossed Vertagear logo on each side of the chair.  It’s impressively smooth with handcrafted stitching throughout.


Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Review: The Cadillac of Gaming Chairs?




Adjustments have never been easier than on the Triigger 350.  The right armrest has a paddle below that you use for raising or lowering the chair’s height.  The left armrest has the same styled paddle, but is in control of the locking in your desired recline position (up to 33 degrees).  A small button located on the left side of the seat allows you to slide the seat forward or backwards for perfect fitment.


Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Review: The Cadillac of Gaming Chairs?


On both sides of the aluminum frame, you’ll notice a black oval button on each side that adjusts the lumbar support.  This can swing the frame forward, providing even further lower back support if preferred.  A tilt tension handle is located on the right side of the seat, where you simply turn it clockwise or counterclockwise for quick adjustments.



Multi-Directional armrests are in place, which can be rotated horizontally and vertically to your liking.  They are very soft and plush to the touch, offering terrific support while you game.  Lastly, an optional Multi-Directional Headrest is included.  I highly recommend using it, as it is impressively customizable and incredibly comfortable, featuring the same coffee fibers and silver lining from other Vertagear cushions.  I really completes this chair and is a wonderful finishing touch to this prestigious model.




The Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition demands your attention from the first moment you see it.  It’s expertly designed, composed of high end components and premium materials. The finishing touches and quality present here are just gorgeous at every possible angle.  As enjoyable as it is to look at, the real treat is in how it feels to game in.

It excels at providing tremendous support through the premium mesh design and can be adjusted to your liking no other chair we have yet experienced.  The controls are all ingeniously blended in with the chair and frame for an incredibly sleek package that somehow manages to deliver on its value, even at its 1K pricepoint.  It’s also quite versatile in that is perfect for console players, PC gamers and even for your workstation.  The candy apple paint job is second to none (which comes with a 10 year warranty on the frame) and you’ll really be hard pressed to find any faults here.  It’s simply an extraordinary gaming chair for those looking to splurge for the absolute best.



Triigger 350 Special Edition Sample Provided by Vertagear for this Review

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