Vertagear PL4500 Wireless RGB Gaming Chair Review

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Vertagear is a company comprised of passionate gamers and talented engineers.  They have established a reputation for manufacturing some of the most elite gaming chairs available.  The materials and build quality are on another level and their product line is aimed at gamers who are willing to pay a premium for the best.  Today we are looking at the PL4500, the world’s first wirelessly controlled LED/RGB Gaming Chair.


One Chair to Rule them All



For our Vertagear PL4500, we selected the black on black combination that provides a sleek sinister profile.  Upon unboxing, I was impressed at the sheer weight of each section and component.  One thing that is immediately clear at this point is that this model is robustly built.  At nearly 80 lbs and able to accommodate a height of 6’6″ and max weight of 400 lbs, this gaming chair is tank like in regards to its structural integrity.  It all comes together incredibly quick, taking no more than 10-15 minutes.  I’ve never seen a gaming chair so simple to put together.  The instructions are top notch too, with nicely detailed pictures and well defined steps allowing for incredibly fast assembly.



The top and bottom cushions are phenomenally comfortable, providing a firm yet plush seat.  Vertagear has a patented technology for their cushions that involve coffee fibers for maximum comfort and quick drying properties that aid in keeping the chair hygienically healthy as possible.  The seats themselves are extremely soft in touch and exhibit an Alcantara like material in both feel and appearance.

The PL4500 is comprised of an aluminum alloy cage, heavy duty metal base, 3D armrests, Penta RS1 Casters and a Class 4 gas lift.  A independent backrest adjustment is in place so gamers can sit back and recline up to 140 degrees.  Tilt lock is present and the arm rests have both vertical and directional adjustments.  The seat height itself has a wide range of adjustment, making it quite versatile for both gaming and even office environments.

Black PVC Leather line the sides and back, which is both highly durable and soft.  The PL4500 provides tremendous support for your neck, upper back and shoulders.  The bottom cushion features premium high resilience foam that contours to your exact shape for maximum comfort.  Vertagear has included a silver lined lower lumbar and neck pillows for those requiring that additional support.  Both are silky and soft in feel, raising the comfort level yet another notch.


Wireless RGB LED Upgrade Kit


Vertagear RGB LED Kit


On the PL4500 Series, you can add two optional RGB LED Kits (top and bottom).  Vertagear is first to the scene to offer a wirelessly controlled LED/RGB Gaming Chair.  I was shocked how large the box was for this kit, but that’s because once again the mad scientists over at their engineering department went all out.  It comes professionally packaged, with all components and batteries protected by a black velvet like foam surround.  It comes with an intimidating installation book, due to how surprisingly thick it is.  Thankfully the process is actually straight forward, laid out with terrific colored pictures and very clear directions.  Vertagear’s manuals are pretty much impeccable, and with how well everything goes into place, it’s clear their R&D department is comprised of some of the best in the business.


Vertagear RGB LED Kit installed


We optioned for just the top RGB LED Kit for our PL4500, regularly priced at $299.99.  This includes new front and back LED panels and Acrylic Panes that feature the Vertagear logo in the center.  When illuminated, this logo appears to be floating within each panel, looking very much like a projected hologram.  The front and rear panels are capable of many LED effects and animations include: glowing, pulsating, breathing, audio syncing and integrative gaming mode.  This is all controlled through NZXT Cam software.  Here you will customize the LEDs and effects to your liking.



The great news its all accomplished wirelessly.  It comes with 4 rechargeable batteries and charges via the included magnetic charger.  If fully depleted, a full charge takes around 4 hours.  Once charged, expect up to 29 hours of wireless RGB goodness.  If you can swing the price, or catch this kit on sale, I highly recommend it.  It’s very well made and works beautifully with the NZXT software.  It gives the PL4500 a distinctive and menacing look that no other gaming chair on the market offers right now.




Vertagear RGB LED Kit Parts


Due to a MMA accident years ago that broke my back, I have since required 3 corrective surgeries.  Whether it be at work or while gaming, I need a chair that is supportive, firm and that has been ergonomically engineered for the highest level of comfort.  I put in dozens of hours of gaming with the Vertagear PL4500.  This was split between playing on my gaming PC and across several titles on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

The bottom line is that it over exceeded my high expectations, even at the starting price of $589.  You can feel, see and appreciate the elite level of comfort this gaming chair provides; whether that’s from a short gaming session during the week or pulling an all-nighter on the weekend.  The price of admission for this model is on the higher range, but the level of luxury, build quality and optional Wireless RGB Kits make the Vertagear PL4500 worth every last penny for gaming enthusiasts wanting the absolute best.

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