ROCCAT Vulcan Pro Keyboard and Burst Pro Gaming Mouse Review

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ROCCAT has been incredibly busy with releases and continues to push the technological envelope.  Today we are looking at the Vulcan Pro Keyboard with optical switches for incredibly fast response and feedback; plus the Burst Pro Gaming Mouse that has been engineered for precision and a shockingly lightweight frame.


Vulcan Pro Keyboard


ROCCAT Vulcan Pro Keyboard Review


While we have tested many mechanical gaming keyboards, this will mark the first time we have experienced optical switches.  ROCCAT has developed their own in-house Titan Switches for the Vulcan Pro and oh boy…they are good.  Each key press is remarkedly fluid and accurate in execution.

It still sounds mechanical in action, but yet has an unmistakably different feel.  Inputs through this optical architecture yield zero delay and durability has been elevated even higher, rated for 100 million keystrokes.  It retains the superb low profile and rock solid anodized aluminum plate design that fans love, returning an incredibly comfortable experience while gaming or working for hours on end.

This model’s lighting also looks brilliant, thanks to the excellent AIMO Intelligent Engine.  The ROCCAT Swarm Software reacts to each key press, creating a stunning RGB presentation overall.  At $199.99, it’s a purchase you’ll want to think about, but I can attest it’s arguably the best gaming keyboard available on the market right now.


Burst Pro Gaming Mouse


ROCCAT Burst Pro Gaming Mouse Review


Alongside the release of the Vulcan Pro, ROCCAT has also debuted a brand new high performance gaming mouse, known as the Burst Pro.   The first thing we noticed is how light it is.  Weighing in at 68g, it glides with remarkable ease.  This is also thanks to the heat-treated PTFE pads on the bottom.

It’s hardwired and has been constructed with what they call a PhantomFlex cable.  It really does help immensely, to the point where you’ll actually forget it’s not wireless.  It also incorporates the brand new optical Titan Switch technology for elite precision and speed.  Gamers will be at the top of their game with the ROCCAT Owl-Eye optical sensor featuring 16000 DPI.  The size feels perfect to me as well, showing a lot of R&D went into how it feels in your hand.  It comes with the same 100 million life clicks in terms of longevity.

The aesthetics are gorgeous too, sporting a translucent honeycomb shell with striking RGB effects.  To no surprise, it’s powered once more by the excellent AIMO Lighting Engine.  Priced at $59.99, this latest model cannot be recommend enough and offers tremendous value at an unbeatable price.




ROCCAT Vulcan Pro Keyboard and Burst Pro Gaming Mouse Review


ROCCAT shows no signs of slowing down and continues to set new benchmarks in performance for PC gamers.  The Vulcan Pro Gaming Keyboard is an absolute joy to use and when combined with the Burst Pro Gaming Mouse, it provides some of the most precise and responsive controls available today.  The new optical based Titan Switches are indeed a gamechanger here.


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