ROCCAT Kain 202 AIMO Gaming Mouse Review

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After 2 years of intense research and testing, the Kain 202 AIMO is here.  We just finished covering their Vulcan 122 AIMO Gaming Keyboard and were beyond impressed.  Now it’s time to combine these two models from ROCCAT and play some games!


Kain 202: An Elite Gaming Mouse


At first glance, the Kain 202 AIMO presents a very sleek and clean design.  The 202 model here is sporting a matte white finish, alongside black and silver accents.  The scroll wheel and large logo feature RGB lighting, which can be configured through ROCCAT’s Swarm Software.  The aesthetics on this $99 model are just gorgeous and you can tell they really put a lot of thought into its visual cues and ergonomic design.




It fits wonderfully in your hand.  My palm sits perfectly over it, with my fingers resting comfortably on the left and right click panels.  ROCCAT has placed a hybrid anti-wear coating over the matte white paint.  It feels outstanding and provided surprising grip when glided across my mouse pad.  This coating aids in keeping the Kain 202 gaming mouse looking brand new; as it actively protects the finish.  It’s a significant difference in feel from any other gaming mouse we have used and in a very good way.  I can see this providing immense durability in the long run.  It also comes with a braided USB cable and robust ROCCAT USB dongle that is flat black and features the company’s logo on the top front plate.


ROCCAT Kain 202 AIMO Review - Pixelated Gamer


Titan Click and Swarm Software


The Kain 202 AIMO has innovated the responsiveness of standard mouse inputs with what they call the Titan Click.  Paired right next to our Vulcan Keyboard with Titan Switches, I can definitely feel and hear their similarities.  As in the keyboard, the Titan Click mechanism for this gaming mouse was engineered for speed and precision, clocking in registered inputs up to 16ms faster than many competitors during testing.


ROCCAT Titan Click


The DPI button is easily accessed and allows you to adjust the speed of your movement quickly and efficiently.  The two side buttons on the left of the mouse feature a nice weight and response to them, as well an a nice audible click that confirms inputs.  The RGB capable scroll wheel exhibits excellent weight and incredibly smooth movement.  It’s very clear that a tremendous amount of R&D took place in order to create the premium performance displayed here.





As mentioned earlier, ROCCAT Swarm Software enables customization of not only your RGB effects, but also management of button assignments, DPI calibration, vertical and horizontal speed, polling rate adjustability, angle snapping functionality and even sound feedback for certain actions on the mouse.  It’s absolutely free and feature rich, with tools to customize your gaming experience.


Gaming Advantage with Owl-Eye




Time to test this fully operational gaming station.  Inside the Kain 202 AIMO is ROCCAT’s Owl-Eye optical sensor.  It was developed in collaboration with PixArt, delivering up to 16000dpi at a speed of up to 400 inches a second.  Even with all this performance and RGB lighting in place, they still somehow managed to achieve up to 50 hours of battery life on each full charge.

“Playing through several missions in Doom Eternal really displayed what this mouse is capable of.  It’s a very fast game and the precision and speed at your disposal with the Kain 202 AIMO is beyond impressive.”


Another great shooter that moves at a frantic pace is Ion Fury.  It demands lightning fast reactions and accuracy as you and every enemy moves with immense speed.  The Kain 202 again proved to be more than up to the task, allowing fluid and precise shots against enemies and bosses alike.



Our last test was putting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare through the trenches.  We played a variety of online multiplayer modes including Team Deathmatch, Ground War, Realism and Shoot House 24/7.  The Kain 202 was extremely precise and tweaking our DPI settings allowed us to adjust to the environment and weapons on hand.  Being able to slow down the speed of the mouse for sniper rifles and increase it for close range firearms is crucial in being competitive as possible in this awesome FPS.  Tweaking these settings even further in Swarm can truly take you to the next level in overall precision.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review (Xbox One) - Pixelated Gamer




The German engineered Kain 202 AIMO is another home run from ROCCAT.  The hybrid anti-wear coating, Titan click architecture, Swarm Software and Owl-Eye optical sensor make this gaming mouse one of the finest you can acquire under the $100 mark.  Phenomenal performance, alongside tremendous ergonomic design, provide a stellar tool in staying at the top of the leaderboard within your favorite online shooters; while the custom AIMO light engine displays vivid RGB effects based off your actions.  It’s quite the package and one we highly recommend for PC gamers looking to go wireless.


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