My Arcade Super Gamepad Review (Mini-SNES)

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My Arcade has a solution for the short cords found on the Super Nintendo and NES Classic Edition controllers. This severely limits where each console can be placed and forces gamers to sit extremely close to each system.  Luckily, the wireless Super Gamepad eliminates this issue, cuts the cord and allows gamers to comfortably play wherever they choose. The wireless dongle produces a steady signal up to 25 feet away, ensuring great performance from a wide variety of angles and distance.



The My Arcade Super Gamepad could not be easier to get up and running. Simply place the wireless dongle into the SNES or NES Classic, and then insert 2 AAA batteries (not included). Now, power on the console and watch for the dongle to begin blinking. This means it is trying to pair with the controller. Hold down the Home button for 3 seconds. It should now be paired and the wireless dongle’s LED will be solid in color, confirming the pairing process is complete. You can now enjoy either the SNES or NES Classic Edition’s without having to be a mere foot or two away from the console’s themselves.



The Super Gamepad is very efficient power wise and can give players up to 75 hours of use on just two AAA batteries. Visually it hits all the ride spots, with the classic SNES grey and purple tones. I absolutely love the design and look achieved here.  The d-pad is firm, while being quite responsive and accurate. The top bumpers have a nice feel to them, as do the left and right triggers. The start and select buttons have a nice soft rubber feel to them. There is also a Home button present here, which is very useful for returning back to the dash on each console. The design of the controller overall is excellent, as it fits extremely well in your hands. It has a nice weight to it and feels like it is constructed of quality materials throughout.


My Arcade Super Gamepad Review


There is also a turbo button that can be mapped to any button. To use this feature, hold down the button you wish to have rapid fire on and then hold down the turbo button for 3 seconds. Once mapped, the turbo button will light up and flash when the corresponding button is pushed. It’s a pretty cool feature and gives player’s a visual cue when its correctly mapped, working properly and active. I tested this out with Gradius and Street Fighter II, which both take full advantage of this feature and it worked perfectly.



I played a little bit of nearly every game offered on both the SNES and NES Classic Edition.  This includes Zelda, Contra, Super Mario Bros. 3, Castlevania, and Donkey Kong Country to name just a few.  They all were a joy to play and it was such a relief not to be bound to the ridiculously short cords packaged with both systems.  It’s obvious My Arcade put a lot of time and effort in properly designing and fine tuning this gamepad. I know I will personally get a lot more use out of these mini consoles, now that I’m not limited by the factory controllers. This is by far the best wireless solution I have come across for these systems and to top it off, it’s also compatible with the Wii U and Wii.



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My Arcade Super Gamepad Review (Mini-SNES)

Review Score - 93%


Redefining a classic, our new Super GamePad features retro styling reimagined for the modern gamer with wireless functionality and improved ergonomics. The Super Gamepad is a versatile controller that can be used to play the SNES Classic Edition or NES Classic Edition.

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