Maxnomic Leader Office Comfort Gaming Chair Review

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Maxnomic is a major player in the gaming chair market, making a huge name for themselves with impressive partnerships including Xbox, ELEAGUE and Red Bull Gaming.  Today we are looking at their Leader model in the Office Comfort Series and finding out for ourselves why this brand has garnered such a strong following among the most elite gamers in Esports.


Taking Comfort and Chair Customization to the Next Level


One of the absolute coolest things about Maxnomic Gaming Chairs is that they do in-house embroidery, which enables them to place your eGamer tag, clan name, site mascot or any logo of your choosing on the front and back of any of their chairs.  Simply provide them with a high quality image and they will then evaluate it and return with a custom quote that ranges based on the amount of detail, colors and complexity.  I can tell you this, they are insanely affordable when you factor in the labor and time involved with something like this, since it’s all handled internally.

After speaking with Maxnomic, we won the prize for the highest thread count of any logo produced yet.  Initially upon hearing this,  I was a tad nervous if they could pull it off; but they took their time and worked meticulously on getting every last detail in place for over 3 days.  We received the chair a couple days later and upon opening the box…our jaws hit the floor.

“We were beyond impressed with what they had accomplished.”


Maxnomic Leader Office Comfort Gaming Chair Review


Now, let’s talk about their chair lineup.  It is incredibly extensive, allowing you to dial in the perfect match based on your height, weight, preferred options and environment (gaming or office).  They have 4 series that consist of Casual Sport, Pro-Gaming & Office, Office Comfort and XL-Series.  We selected the Office Comfort Leader model in all black with silver stitching.  It’s very similar to the Pro-Gaming line, but with even more cold cured foam padding, a longer seat base and built-in adjustable lumbar support.

The bottom and top seat cushions offer tremendous support.  The extra padding used here makes a significant difference in ensuring hours of comfort without a hint of fatigue in sight.  The seat reclines up to 49 degrees and features a 5 position tilt-lock for finding the perfect seating position at any time.

“It is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs we have covered yet for long gaming sessions or extended work hours at the office.”


Maxnomic Leader Office Comfort Gaming Chair Review


On the side of the Office Comfort series and the Leader model is an adjustable lower lumbar knob to dial in the exact amount of back support needed.  This is a great feature and I prefer this method for support by a large margin than a lower lumbar pillow, as they tend to produce quite a bit of heat once in place for too long.

The build quality is robust as one would suspect, comprised of a metal frame and substructure, an aluminium base and high density cold foam found throughout the top and bottom seat cushions.  A Class 4 gas lift cylinder is in place for incredible durability that reliably supports up to 400 lbs.  Free rolling casters coated in a polyurethane coating enable smooth movement and protects your hardwood floors.  4-D armrests come standard, allowing for adjustments in height, side to side (width and tilt); plus forward and back adjustability.

There is even an optional add-on for adding rumble to your gaming chair which they call the Maxnomic Seatquake.  It consists of a vibration unit, the SQ-AMP MK-II amplifier, a cable stand and necessary connection cables to make your games, music and movies that much more immersive.




The customization doesn’t stop here.  You can also select specific bases, cylinders, armrests and have your name placed on your chair for a flat fee of $39.90.  On the Leader model,  you can select up to four colors for this including White, Orange, Black or Grey.  Maxnomic not only backs up their chairs with an excellent 2 year warranty, but also pays all shipping charges for exchanges or returns; on top of zero restocking fees.  They are confident in their product, its build quality and strive for immense customer satisfaction on every purchase.



Each chat and email that took place to produce the chair you see here was just a wonderful experience.  Their team is passionate about getting you the perfect chair based on your needs and wishes.  The wait and investment involved is well worth it to say the least.




Maxnomic Leader Office Comfort Gaming Chair Review


Maxnomic offers a truly versatile chair line for both gaming and office environments.  Four different collections cover a wide variety of styles, fitment and support options.  They are true kings in customization and their Leader model reviewed here with the additional high density cold foam has proven to make this one of the most comfortable chairs yet for a long night of gaming.

The in-house embroidery options are a gamechanger.  Our site logo looks phenomenal and the details they were able to achieve is unbelievable. It opens the door for a one of a kind chair, making it that much more special and enduring to every gamer that is lucky enough to receive one of these.


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