LIFX Beam Kit Review

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Decorative LED lighting is the rage right now.  The right components and kits can deliver vivid color, effects and powerful ambiance to your mancave, living room or home cinema.  Today we are looking at the Beam Kit from LIFX.


Beam me up


LIFX Beam Kit Review - Pixelated Gamer


The LIFX Beam Kit is some truly impressive tech.  This $150 package includes 6 translucent LED light bars and one corner piece that all snap together magnetically.  Each bar conveniently has 3m tape strips applied on the bottom for quick and easy placement.

“Within each of the six bars, there are 10 addressable zones that produce stunning effects and transitions.”

Ideal locations for placement are on the wall behind your couch, near your gaming rig or around your entertainment center.  You can install this as one single long light beam on your wall or use the corner piece and implement a 90 degree turn into your design.  If you wish to expand upon this particular kit, the power module included does support 2 more light bars and one additional corner bar (each sold separately).


LIFX Beam Kit Review - Pixelated Gamer


Do some prepping before you commit to its final placement.  Measure the distance from the nearest outlet and figure out how you might hide the power supply cable.  You can accomplish this by running it behind wall art as we did or simply pickup a cable concealer kit that matches your wall color for a clean look.  We placed these right above a 3 piece set of canvas art behind our gaming PC.  Installation of the bars and supplying power to them could not have been easier.


Powerful Dynamic Light Bars


LIFX Beam Kit Review - Pixelated Gamer


Once you have everything in place, there is a small button on the top of the power module that needs to be held down.  This will turn all connected bars on.  Download the LIFX App and follow a few simple steps to get everything connected to your WiFi connection.

Now you’ll run a scan for your LIFX products, name your room and within a minute or so everything will be synced to the app, completing the pairing process.  You now have full control of the Beam Kit that is capable of displaying 16 million different colors, plus a thousand separate shades of white.  The options are truly endless.



Each light bar sports a really impressive color range, from 2500K up to 9000K.  Many LED kits and light bars on the market have to be maxed out to get close to the desired effect of impactful light ambiance.  This is certainly not the case here.  The LIFX Beam is the brightest kit we have tested yet (1,200 lumens at max intensity).  It will light up a medium sized room with intense color even at 35-50% power.  It is incredibly efficient and will completely transform the look and feel any room.  You can dim, brighten and adjust your color range and the intensity with tremendous precision on the LIFX app.



There is an Effects Panel that feature some awesome interactive tools for the light beam.  These include a music visualizer, candle flicker, strobe, pastels, move, animate, spooky and more.  Cycle through the optional themes and scenes for some terrific pre-created light transitions.  Set specific schedules on the app so the light bars automatically goes off and turns back on at certain times of the day and evening.




LIFX Beam Kit Review - Pixelated Gamer


The LIFX Beam Kit makes a profound statement in any room, boasting incredibly vivid colors and dynamic transitions from each LED powered light bar.  It transforms your gaming room or home theater with stunning effects and it’s all controlled through their app that allows for precise adjustments in light intensity and color range.

This is hands down the most powerful light bar kit we have seen yet on the market and it’s backed by an impressive amount of customization in terms of colors, effects and animations.  As LIFX states, life is just better in color.


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