Jabra Elite 85t Review

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Earbuds have grown in popularity by massive strides in the past couple years.  A good pair allows you to listen to your music, conveniently take your calls and even cancel out noisy environments.  Today we are taking a look at the latest from Jabra, the Elite 85t.


No Compromises


Jabra Elite 85t


We are no stranger to what Jabra is capable of within the earbud market.  We covered the Elite Active 75t model when first released and it has proven to be one of our absolute favorites.  When a successor was announced, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.  At first glance, the new Elite 85t earbuds and case look strikingly similar; but there are numerous improvements to cover.

Two of the biggest overhauls include mic quality and noise cancellation.  Each earbud now sports 6 mics each, which make your voice clearer on every call and provides some of the most impressive ANC available today.  You can even adjust the level of noise cancellation through the Jabra Sound+ app for iOS and Android.  Here you will first create your own unique MySound profile.  After this, you can then tweak the audio and ANC to your liking.

Jabra’s HearThrough tech does a fantastic job in allowing outside noise in when desired as well.  This is activated by simply pressing the Left Earbud once.  There are several preset Soundscapes to choose from for background sound when you just want to relax.  These include: White noise, Ventilation fan, Rainy day, Ocean waves, Perfect storm and more.  For those looking for arguably the best ANC performance through earbuds right now, you’ve just found it.



Within the Sound+ app, you can additionally tweak your audio settings.  Jabra has 6 presets to choose from (Neutral, Speech, Bass boost, Treble boost, Smooth and Energize) or you can adjust the equalizer points by hand to dial in the perfect balance of bass, midrange and treble.

Lastly, you can configure 3 profiles that they call “Moments”.   This enables you to quickly change how the ANC and drivers perform, based off your activity and environment.  Jabra has done a wonderful job in providing loads of options and customization at your fingertips.

With Active Noise Cancellation activated, you can expect close to 6 hours of battery life or up to 7 with it disabled.  Utilizing the case will net up to 25 hours of total use (closer to 30 with ANC off).  If you need a quick charge, placing the earbuds in the case for 15 minutes will return an hour of playback.  These are also capable of wireless charging.  They carry a IPX4 rating (resistant to sweat and splashes of water).  While you can’t hit the beach with these, they are still well suited and perfect for full gym workouts.


Powerful Sound


Jabra Elite 85t Review - Pixelated Gamer


The Elite 85t continues Jabra’s trend of deliver astounding levels of audio performance with its brand new 12mm drivers.  The bar has been raised yet again.  This was certainly no easy task, as the Elite Active 75t produced some of the best sound we have ever heard from a pair of earbuds.  It’s quite the accomplishment and when you add everything up here, it’s truly hard to find any serious fault on the 85t.  Our one minor gripe that still exists is the limitation in only being able to use the right earbud independently.

To get the most out of these, try out all three oval silicon EarGels.  I personally gravitated to the larger pair, as they delivered the hard hitting bass and punchy midrange that I love.  The engineers at Jabra have once again managed to deliver a true successor for their fans and one that will become a favorite for many.


“Exorcist” by Man Ov God roared to life, showcasing explosive metal riffs and thunderous bass notes.

Snake Bite Betty by Triple One displayed just how low these 12mm drivers in the 85t can drop.  Bass heads will love these once the equalizer is dialed in correctly.

Take You With Me by Tremonti and Colossus by Avatar demonstrated the capabilities of the midrange and highs; where the cymbal crashes and vocals were delivered with intense definition.




Jabra Elite 85t


Jabra reaches new heights with the Elite 85t.  They are extremely comfortable, have tremendous Active Noise Cancellation and deliver immense sound across all music genres.  The 6-mic design makes your voice crystal clear on every call, while the Sound+ app for Android and iOS enables impressive customization for both music and ANC levels.  At $229, they are one of the most feature rich and capable earbuds on the market.


Review Sample provided by Jabra

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