HyperX CloudX Flight Wireless Gaming Headset Review (Xbox One)

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HyperX has a new option for those wanting a high quality wireless gaming headset for their Xbox One.  This latest model is the CloudX Flight and is officially licensed for Microsoft’s console.  Today we will be seeing how this latest series from HyperX performs and holds up after hours of gaming.


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HyperX CloudX Flight Review (Xbox One) - Pixelated Gamer


If you are familiar with the excellent HyperX Cloud Flight Headset that debuted last year, this is basically the same unit, (now featuring green LED lighting effects on the earcups)  but compatible and officially licensed by Microsoft for the Xbox One console.  It’s great to see them finally extend out to the wireless headset scene and they offer a compelling solution with this newest model.

The Signature HyperX comfort and premium materials that their headsets are well known for are present here on all fronts.  The CloudX Flight sports adjustable steel sliders for fitment and outstanding padded headband that is comprised of high quality memory foam.  This and the pliable leatherette wrapped 90-degree rotating earcups provide hours of fatigue free gaming.


CloudX Tech


HyperX CloudX Flight Review (Xbox One) - Pixelated Gamer


This new model for the Xbox One is just a tad heavier than their wired headsets, due the wireless receiver and battery inside the CloudX Flight; but the difference is very subtle.  As the name suggests, it’s still incredibly light and comfortable.  The mic is detachable and also incorporates an LED to visually indicate when the mic is muted.  The right earcup houses a large volume dial that is easily accessible.  On the left earcup, you will find the power button, 3.5mm port, a MicroUSB charging port and the detachable mic.

The CloudX Flight has a built-in headset chat mixer that allows gamers to quickly and easily balance the game’s audio and chat volume.  Tapping the bottom of the left earcup mutes your mic, while buttons for equalizing chat and game volume are located on the left and right side.  Each adjustment is noted audibly within the headset as well, confirming the change has been made.  The green glowing LEDs on the earcups not only look cool, but will also update you on the charging status of the headset.  Speaking of, this model can rock out for on its 2.4GHz connection up to 30 hours from a single charge.  This is outstanding and allows you to enjoy a weekend of gaming or even a long flight without any worries of battery life, as they are also a perfect companion for listening to music or a movie thanks to the detachable mic.




HyperX CloudX Flight Review (Xbox One) - Pixelated Gamer


HyperX headsets have always sounded great straight out of the box and the CloudX Flight is no exception.  The default sound profile is nicely balanced, offering solid bass notes, punchy midrange and excellent highs.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was a great way to demo the power behind the 50mm drivers bounded to neodymium magnets.  It’s capable of delivering a wide range of lows and highs with a 20Hz–20,000Hz frequency response.  The opening act in Modern Warfare’s campaign features some excellent scenes full of explosions and intense skirmishes that really showed what this headset is capable of.  A few online games of TDM and Gunfight allowed us to see how efficient the mic monitoring is; as well as built-in headset chat mixer during dozens of matches.  Adjusting the loudness of both the game’s sound and chat was simple and just felt natural.  Outside of the inability to tweak audio settings, HyperX really nailed it with this model.

“There weren’t really any moments where I accidentally hit the wrong button or fumbled around to lower or raise the volume…everything just worked beautifully on the CloudX Flight.”




The CloudX Flight Wireless Gaming Headset delivers strong audio performance and is possibly the best officially licensed Xbox One headset of 2019.  It incorporates a simple yet ingenious design for audio/chat controls.  It’s comprised of high quality components throughout and of course retains that signature HyperX level of comfort.




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