GOAT Guns Review: Greatest Of All Time

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GOAT Guns produces replica firearms that are 1:3 scale of the actual rifles. They are high quality takes of your favorite guns and everything is produced out of nice thick metal, giving each model a nice weight and feel.

Sgt. Gunner’s Collectible Guns

Depending on the model, expect each replica to be around 12″ in length and when placed in a stand, 3-4″ tall. Gun collectors will absolutely love these, as their quality is unmatched in this sector. You’ll have a wide variety of models to choose from, including: AR15, AK47, M4A1, M16 and even a .50 Cal Sniper Rifle that was shipped to us to assemble. GOAT Guns sent over two units in total for us to examine and evaluate. We assembled both models ($100 Bills AWM and a Black M4A1) in quick order and were really impressed by the build quality and attention to detail on each unit.
GOAT Guns: Greatest of all time Review
GOAT Guns: Greatest of all time Review
GOAT Guns: Greatest of all time Review
GOAT Guns Review: Greatest Of All Time

Rifle Attachments

They are 1:3 scale model (1/3rd the size of the actual rifle). They are 10-12″ in length and 3-4″ in height depending on the model chosen. If you want to further customize your replica guns, there are some great attachments available. This includes scopes, grips, suppressors, extra rounds, mags, stocks and more. The amount of options given to customers to customize each rifle to their liking is fantastic.


GOAT Guns: Greatest of all time Review
GOAT Guns offers some amazing replica rifles for collectors and fans of firearms. Each model is rich in detail and they are crafted in high quality die cast metal. Lastly, each rifle is hand painted or dipped in design film for a lasting finish. I plan on placing the M4A1 replica proudly in my office and certainly look to add a few more models to my collection in the future. They are surprisingly affordable given their size and features, ranging from $32.99 – $44.99 per model. Browse their entire lineup HERE.


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GOAT Guns Review: Greatest Of All Time

Review Score - 93%


Get your hands on the hottest products of the year. Amazing attention paid to the detail on these miniature gun models. They build and assemble like the ones, come with dummy rounds and make a great decoration piece. Start your collection of Sgt. Gunners Minis today!

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