The Best Gift for Halloween Day 2019 – EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review

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EWin has built a solid reputation within the industry for providing high quality gaming chairs and desks at the best price.  The Knight Series is their newest line that comes in 4 different flavors and multiple colors.  Today we are examining the KT-BR2B model in red and black trim.


Picking out the Best Gaming Chair



For the serious PC gamer, there are a few absolute necessities.  You need a powerful gaming rig, excellent monitor, premium sound system and a comfortable gaming chair.  Nothing slows you down and instills fatigue like a poorly designed chair with inferior parts and materials.  Unfortunately the market is flooded with so many options and knockoffs, that it can be really overwhelming in picking out the absolute best gaming chair that also fits your budget.

More so often than not, you’ll be placing an order online for whatever you pick out; which means you won’t get the chance to try anything out in person.  The difference between a high end gaming chair manufacturer like EWin and the cheaper imitators are huge.  However, these differences are not the easiest to spot online.  Allow us to be your test driver for this venture.


The Knight Series: Premium Quality meets Affordable Price


EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review - Pixelated Gamer


EWin currently has 5 different series of affordable gaming chairs to choose from, ranging from $200 – $400.  Their new line, the Knight Series, is on sale currently for $189 (regularly $289).  Everything came packaged carefully and neatly…in a very big box.  This excellent packaging design and reinforcements certainly helps to ensure it’s not damaged in transit.  Assembly takes no time at all.  We took our time and knocked it out in around 20 minutes.   Once together, it sits around 51 inches tall and 22 inches wide.  The KT-BR2B model is dressed in black with red accents which looks phenomenal.


EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review


The chair is comprised of PVC leather that is stain resistant.  The material is designed to breath really well, which prevents the chair from getting hot from long gaming sessions.  This Knight Series has improved high-density Cold-Cure Foam, exclusive to EWin’s chairs.  This stuff is the real deal and is close to matching that of the best memory foam.  This combination delivers tremendous supportive for hours of comfortable, pain free gaming.


EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review - Pixelated Gamer


This model supports up to 400 pounds and has solid class 4 hydraulics in place for height adjustments.  If you are looking to recline, it leans back nicely for a relaxed gaming session or all the way for a quick nap.  If also features a locking tilt for precise adjustments.  The red color matching hubless caster wheels have a PU coating that helps the chair to glide with ease and will also avoid scratching wood floors.


EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review - Pixelated Gamer




The EWin Knight Series delivers another level of refinement and comfort to their already impressive line of gaming chairs.  Outstanding leather, embroidered logos, soft touch materials and a steel frame give this chair a premium feeling. The extra attention to detail is both felt and seen in every aspect of this latest model.  The latest Cold-Cure Foam tech also makes a huge difference in keeping you nice and cool for long those extended play sessions.  With the holidays coming up, this could very well be the perfect gift for your favorite gamer.




Review Sample provided by EWin

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