Desino Gaming Chairs Review

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If you haven’t shopped for one lately, Gaming Chairs have come a long way in what they offer.  You will likely be shocked at the level of refinement they can provide when compared to your typical office chair at work or home.  Today, we are looking at two outstanding models from Desino.  Each offer their own unique traits, features and fitment.  This brand is new to us, but one thing is certain after spending time in each of these chairs…these guys are serious about their product line and are here to compete.


Premium Gaming Chairs at a Budget Price



I personally like a firm chair with excellent lumbar support.  I had the misfortune of breaking my back many years ago, so picking out the appropriate chair for gaming that allows for hours of sufficient support and comfort is absolutely critical for me.

The Desino HB04 is from their Premium Series and overall it fits my needs best.  It came in Stormtrooper black and white.  I couldn’t love the color scheme or design more.  The supplied instructions leave a little to be desired, but thankfully there is a installation video provided by Desino in case you need it for better guidance.  Everything still goes together rather quickly and our team had each chair assembled in roughly 30 minutes.



Desino HB04


The HB04 mimics that of a high end, 5 point harness style racing bucket seat.  I’ve had a number of sport cars with real Recaro seats and this is heavily reminiscent to those in appearance.  This however is exceptionally more comfortable and far more forgiving to your back.  It’s a solid gaming chair with impressive reinforcement, comprised of a steel frame and a 5 star certified nylon base.  The chair itself tips the scales at just over 45 pounds and accommodates up to 300 lbs.

My first reaction after some seat time was just how impressive the build quality is.  It’s quite firm, yet highly comfortable at the same time.  It also comes with both a neck and lumbar pillow for additional comfort.  Either pillow can easily be attached or taken off.  It’s designed so well in stock form that I honestly didn’t need them, but they are nice to have for the added support if and when needed.



“I’m 6′ and I was surprised at the height of this chair while seated.  It was however ingeniously designed in this fashion, because it is able to lean back up to 180 degrees.”



Now here is one of my favorite parts of the HB04.  This model comes equipped with a u-style footrest.  This thing absolutely rocks, whether you are slightly reclined with your feet up while gaming, or lying back with your legs fully extended while enjoying a movie.  It was cleverly engineered to easily be stowed below the chair when not in use and it takes mere seconds to deploy when needed. It’s a brilliant feature and one that Desino implemented perfectly.



Desino HB06


The HB06 is the latest from Desino model and it comes from their Deluxe Line.  Improvements include high quality cotton and built-in adjustable lumbar support. It does indeed feel a bit more soft and plush all around.  This particular model only comes with a neck pillow, as lumbar adjust is manually controlled for this unit.  The other two main differences are the top of this chair does not feature the 5 point harness style seat openings from the HB04 and there is no foot rest available.



For both chairs, the materials are comprised of PU leather, which allows for better breathing and is also waterproof.  The stitching as mentioned earlier is superb on both models.  If you happen to spill your favorite beverage, simply wipe down the seat and the material remains in perfect condition.  Each chair features both vertically and horizontally adjustable armrests; plus smooth rolling casters that easily glide across multiple surfaces without scuffing your hardwood floors.  A Class 3 rated gas lift system is in place for precise height adjustment and is backed by a 10 year warranty.




Desino Gaming Chairs Review - Pixelated Gamer


I have spent dozens of hours in the Desino HB04 and HB06 Gaming Chairs now and the more I use them, the greater I appreciate their design and build quality.  The only shame is that they have spoiled me.  I arrive at work now, glaring at my generic office chair in utter disgust. Ranging from $125 to $159, Desino is delivering an insane deal for this level of quality and craftsmanship present across these two models.


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