Cooler Master SK621 Compact Keyboard Review (PC)

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The SK621 aims to pack a serious punch with a tiny footprint.  It’s 60% the size of your standard keyboard.  Today we are going see if this smaller form factor design still manages to deliver the stellar performance and functionality Cooler Master is known for.


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Cooler Master SK621 Review (PC) - Pixelated Gamer


The Cooler Master SK621 is shockingly small once you get your hands on the device.  Pictures simply do not do it justice.  It could nearly fit in the back pocket of your jeans, if you were so inclined.  The portability factor of this model is off the charts, making it a great solution for those that travel, but still prefer the build quality and finesse that a premium mechanical keyboard can provide.

This little guy takes a few adjustments and some time to familiarize yourself with, but it wasn’t long before I wasn’t missing a beat on it.  It’s packing Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Switches with reduced travel and actuation.  The contoured keycaps have a nice weight behind them when pressed and are the perfect match for the slim profile.  It’s highly responsive, delivering excellent feedback as you type.


Cooler Master SK621 Review (PC) - Pixelated Gamer


Wireless or Wired, it’s Your Choice


You’ll have your pick of either going wireless via Bluetooth 4.0 or hard wiring in through the included Type-C USB cable.  The SK621 features all the RGB goodness you’ve grown to love.  The different lighting modes and effects can be changed through the keyboard itself (FN + R) or by using the Cooler Master Software.  If you need a full day of battery life in wireless mode, be sure and disable the RGBs.  With everything enabled, you can still expect 5 or more hours on a single charge.


Cooler Master SK621 Review (PC) - Pixelated Gamer


The manual comes with lots of nifty keyboard shortcuts for those that want to learn them.  The SK621 is no slouch in the looks department either.  The Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Switches glow against the brushed aluminium front plate.  It basically looks good at any angle.  I wish the brightness level could be increased just a tad, but that is about the only complaint we can single out on this model.


Cooler Master SK621 Review (PC) - Pixelated Gamer





Cooler Master SK621 Review (PC) - Pixelated Gamer


Cooler Master has successful miniaturized their full size keyboards with the SK621.  By severing off the numeric keys and media controls, it is the perfect companion for those that travel often or simply want an outstanding mechanical keyboard that’s highly portable and performs just as efficiently as the big boys.


Review Sample provided by Cooler Master

Cooler Master SK621 Review (PC)

Review Score - 9.5


Be the envy of chiclet keyboard fanboys everywhere with the ultra-portable SK621 Wireless 60% Mechanical Keyboard. With extra-flat contoured keycaps and new Cherry MX Low Profile switches in a stripped-down 60% format, you've finally found a portable wireless keyboard that delivers on performance - without sacrificing the clean aesthetics of your slick workstation. And with signature Cooler Master features on deck, you’re fully equipped to crush it both at work and in-game.

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