Build your own SNES Classic!

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Nintendo has finally announced what we all knew with fair certainty was coming…the SNES Classic. In May, I went ahead and made my own, since acquiring the last NES Classic was only feasible through pure luck or outright persistence. I refused to pay a penny over MSRP, so I was only able to acquire a unit thanks to text alerts from a stock alerter site that updated every minute across every popular online retailer.  I surely hope Nintendo doesn’t pull this stunt again to their fan base, as there would be no excuse for not knowing how high the demand will be for this in September.

Making your own SNES Classic is actually a fairly simple exercise. In the video below, you’ll see I acquired a 3D printed Mini Super Nintendo which is running RetroPie 4.2. Powering this amazing software inside the case is a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I setup a Wii U Pro Controller through the RetroPie configuration utility which is a great option for playing all the amazing games released on this iconic video game system.


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