AVerMedia Live Gamer MINI GC311 Review

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AVerMedia has released possibly one of the smallest capturing devices on the market with the Live Gamer MINI GC311. It is quite impressive how truly compact this capture card is. It packs a substantial punch for its overall dimensions. Let’s take a look at what gamers are getting for $129 with this latest model from AVerMedia.


1080P 60 FPS Game Capturing


One of the first things I noticed spec wise that jumped out was the 2.0 USB interface. I am not sure why they skipped out on the much faster 3.0 architecture. The GC311 is aimed at gamers looking for basic 1080P resolution at 60 frames per second with zero lag. As long as you don’t require 4K visuals and HDR in your captures, this is an excellent option to consider for recording your gameplay. It’s an excellent beginner card for those just starting to stream or create gaming content for Twitch or YouTube. The Live Gamer Mini is incredibly easy to setup, as it’s basically a Plug and Play device. Simply connect it to your PC, TV and console of choice.


Integrated Hardware Encoder


Thanks to the built-in encoder, you will not need a high end gaming PC to use the Live Gamer MINI. It also supports UVC protocols, allowing you to begin creating content for your gaming channel immediately. Once you connect to the GC113 (PC, TV/monitor and game console) it’s as simple as selecting your desired video settings, storage path for recordings and lastly pressing the REC button within the free AVerMedia capture software.



This software can be found by clicking HERE. On this page, select “Game Capture” from the Series tab, then select “1080P60 Record” from the Category tab, and lastly select “GC113” from the Product tab. This provides the sources for the software, Datasheet, Quick Guide and Stream Engine Driver.

RECentral 4 – For Windows


AVerMedia Assist Central


This software suite makes driver and program installation a breeze. It will automatically detect which model you are using and supply a list of options of what is available to install. It is recommended by the manufacture to install both RECentral v4 software and StreamEngine v2 plugin to get the best experience possible from your capture card.




The AVerMedia Live Gamer MINI GC311 presents an excellent option for those just starting to stream on Twitch or wishing to create unique gaming content on YouTube. The Plug and Play nature of the device and simple setup process makes it a breeze to start recording gameplay. It’s a fantastic external capture card for beginners wanting 1080P footage at 60 frames per second without any latency and easy setup.


Specs and Requirements:



Review sample provided by AVerMedia

AVerMedia Live Gamer MINI GC311

Review Score - 85%


The Live Gamer MINI is here to help you get into your streaming spotlight as quick and easy as possible! Following the steps of its predecessor (LGP Lite) the LGM keeps things nice and simple, with HDMI in and passthrough for zero latency Full HD gameplay and micro USB for PC or Mac connectivity.

User Rating: 4.35 ( 1 votes)

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