Aperion Audio Allaire Bluetooth Speaker Pair Review

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We began a journey recently in researching for the ultimate wireless speaker system for PC and console gamers.  This is for those who are not fond of wires or clutter.   The only requirement in place for this feature is that the price point be below the $400 mark.  That’s still a big investment, but a realistic one for those wanting the absolute best wireless audio experience while gaming.  While there were several excellent nominees, we kept on returning to one model and brand that seemed to tick all the boxes and options, while just slipping under the maximum pricing threshold allowed.  Today we are looking at the Allaire Bluetooth Speaker Pair from Aperion Audio.




The story of Aperion Audio and how this company initially got started is a extremely fascinating one.  It all began back in 1998, when Win Jeanfreau ventured out to buy a capable stereo system with a $1,500 budget.  He was well versed in the cost of speaker components and their manufacturing costs, thanks to the work experience obtained during high school through building audio systems.  His initial breakthrough came when discovering excellent sound capacity capable with Peruvian hardwood through a contact he made in Mexico.  Now the middleman could be severed and those savings could be passed directly to the consumer.  This meant premium sound, materials and performance at half the price of the competition.


Gorgeous Design



The Allaire series comes in Stealth Black or Pure White.  We chose Pure White as the black woofer and dome tweeter against the matte satin white finish looks amazing.  The grills are easily removed and reconnected as they attach magnetically.  At least for us, the grills have to go.  It would be a travesty to cover up the premium fiberglass woven woofers and silk dome tweeters that are enclosed within these highly attractive slot ported bookshelf cabinets.  Their flat black appearance contrasts beautifully against the satin white finish.  The left speaker also contains a small LED on the front panel that signifies which connection is active, by displaying a specific color for each input.

Upon picking one up, it’s apparent these little guys are going to pack a substantial punch.  Each one weighs just over 8 lbs.  They are fairly compact dimensional wise (8 5/8″ H x 6″ W x 6 3/4″ D), allowing them to fit perfectly on most gaming desks or entertainment stands.  The sleek and modern design provided by the Allaire series emanates premium quality and expert craftsmanship.  They absolutely nailed the look on this model.



Within the box, Aperion Audio has included absolutely everything needed to get up and running.  This includes a Quick Start Guide, Power Cable, 1m Optical Cable, 1m 3.5mm Stereo Cable, 1m 3.5mm – L/R RCA Cable, 4m 14 Gauge OFC Speaker Cable with Banana Plugs and a solid Aluminum Remote Control (which handles your source selection, mute, volume and the pairing process).  Every component here is comprised of high quality materials and the solid aluminium remote is simply one of a kind.  The attention to detail that was taken in designing the Allaire Series is just astounding at this price point and practically unheard of.


Sensational Performance



Each enclosure houses a 4.5 inch fiberglass woven woofer attached to a ferrite magnet and a 1 inch Silk dome Neodymium tweeter.  Each cabinet is powered by a 50 Watt Class D Amp (110-220V).  It has a highly capable frequency range of 60-25,000 Hz.  Aperion Audio ensured every possible connection and output you might need is included on the Allaire.

This includes Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX technology that provides outstanding audio from compatible devices.  There are also analog and optical options available, making it incredibly simple to connect this pair directly to your TV, gaming console, PC or home theater receiver.  There is even an USB slot to charge your devices while gaming, watching a movie or playing music.  Another ingenious move was including a optional sub output.  This opens the door for a seriously rambunctious 2.1 system.



To first get a glimpse into the capability of the Allaire series, we fired up Spotify and ran through some of our favorite tracks.  These consisted of high intensity instrumental compilations, similar to the thundering scores found in movie trailers.  We also played several songs from Filthy Gears and Yelawolf to get a good scope of the highs and lows possible from this setup.  The sheer clarity and power that this pair is capable of within this small form factor design is shocking.  The dramatic orchestra scores absolutely soared without a hint of distortion even at higher levels.  Call us impressed.

“First impressions are everything.  The immense range of sound and depth cranked out through the compact self-amplified Allaire’s woofers and tweeters defies logic.”

Now that we got a sneak peak of the ridiculous power contained in these compact guys, it’s time to see how they perform while gaming.  We connected the pair to our new CyberPowerPC and launched Gears 5 and Code Vein.



Both action packed campaigns feature intense battles; making them the perfect titles to push the Allaire series to their absolute limit.  The sound from each speaker had multiple layers of depth, providing distinct highs, tight midrange response and punchy bass notes.  The tense skirmishes in Gears 5 and monstrous boss battles in Code Vein were rich in audio clarity, adding an additional element of immersion to the experience.  The Allaire is profoundly balanced, delivering dynamic sound regardless of the volume level.





Aperion Audio has crafted something truly special with the wireless Allaire Series.  The fit, finish and performance that is provided by this wireless audio system is profound.  Their compact size produces bold sound with a small footprint.   Nearly every connection you could possibly desire is available here, making it highly versatile in how you connect your devices.  The ability to add a sub opens the door to a room shaking system, in case you desire that extra level of bass.  The self-amplified woofers deliver ferocious performance and full sound that will completely transform the way you enjoy your games, movies or music from your PC and gaming console.




Media Sample provided by Aperion Audio

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