Respawn Gaming Recliner and Rocker Review (RSP-800 and RSP-900)

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The gaming chair market is a competitive bunch, where you really need to offer superior quality, distinct features and something unique if possible to stand out from the crowd.  Respawn has done their homework and tapped into a area that is surprisingly sparse for gaming chairs.  Today we will be looking specifically at their Gaming Rocker and Recliner to see how well these perform and just how comfortable these two models truly are.


RSP-800 Gaming Rocker


Respawn Gaming Recliner and Rocker Review (RSP-800 and RSP-900)


The RSP-800 Gaming Rocker was designed with comfort and simplicity in mind.  It can be assembled in under 10 minutes and comes with easy to follow instructions.  It sits quite low and rests on a flat black circular base, providing a solid foundation.  The RSP-800’s dimensions and design make it a great choice for console gamers and for those just looking for a something comfortable to sit back and watch a movie in.  The padded armrests can be raised or lowered depending on what you deem most comfortable.  It’s a nice feature to see on this model.  Built-in lower lumbar support is also a welcome addition.  The rocker can also swivel a full 360 degrees, allowing you to turn around with ease.


Respawn Gaming Recliner and Rocker Review (RSP-800 and RSP-900)


The top and bottom cushions are impressively soft and highly supportive, without being overly firm for those extra long gaming sessions.  Respawn has no doubt carefully sourced the right materials to ensure excellent comfort on this rocker, as this factor takes priority over all.  The well padded cushions are wrapped in stain resistant bonded leather.  It’s incredibly smooth to the touch and highly resilient against any spilled beverages.  At the top of the chair, you’ll see a nicely embroidered Respawn Logo.  The base color is Black, and is contrasted in your choice of either Red, Blue, Black or White.  We went with Black on Black for a sleek, modern appearance.

The overall take on the RSP-800 is that it’s simple to setup, very comfortable and is constructed of high quality materials.  Its low profile stance and slim dimensions will make it a huge hit for those looking for a gaming rocker to place in their room or man cave that’s both extremely comfortable and surprisingly affordable.


RSP-900 Gaming Recliner


Respawn Gaming Recliner and Rocker Review (RSP-800 and RSP-900)


The RSP-900 Gaming Recliner takes everything to the next level in terms of features, comfort and amenities.  I just love what the team at Respawn has created here.  Once again, assembly is a breeze and will take you no longer than 15-20 minutes tops.  The weight of the cushions and base gave us our first hint in that Respawn spared no expense in delivering something truly special here.

Perforated leather adorn the center and lower leg cushions, while solid stain resistant bonded leather cover the remaining sections.  These two materials contrast nicely against each other, delivering a more refined look on this particular model.  The cushions themselves are supremely plush and provides tremendous support for your entire back.  It reclines up to 135 degrees and the footrest has its own independent linkage and lever.  This allows for an impressive variety of seat and footrest positions at your disposal, making it one of the most versatile gaming chairs/recliners available today.  The RSP-900 provides tremendous comfort for hours of gaming and doubles as a excellent choice for home theater gurus in search of an affordable cinema seat with premium features.  Our SVS Audio System was that much more enjoyable thanks to this amazing recliner.  You’ll be hard pressed to find any uncomfortable position on this model…it’s that good.


Respawn Gaming Recliner and Rocker Review (RSP-800 and RSP-900)


On the RSP-900, there is also a built-in cupholder and even a detachable pouch that is perfect for holding your phone or remotes.  This also has a 360 degree swivel pedestal base that firmly supports up to 275 lbs.  The padding used within the seat cushions and armrests are tremendously comfortable.  Another included bonus is a very soft neck pillow.  While it’s a common pack-in on most premium gaming chairs these days, it still adds to the already high level of comfort present here.




Respawn Gaming Recliner and Rocker Review (RSP-800 and RSP-900)


Respawn has created an enticing alternative for those wishing for something different from what you typically see in the gaming chair market and it comes in two flavors.  First up is the RSP-800 Gaming Rocker, which is perfect for smaller rooms and dorms.  It reclines up to 118 degrees, delivering a very comfortable experience while playing games.  The additional head and neck cushioning feel fantastic and the pivoting armrests are a nice touch.  It’s an impressive overall package and quite the bargain at $179.  At this price, you could pick up two of them for what many gaming chairs cost online.

For gamers and home theater enthusiasts wanting a true high end recliner specifically built for gaming and watching movies, the RSP-900 says hello.  This Gaming Recliner features plush premium padding within the seat cushions and arm rests for incredible comfort.  Perforated and bonded leather give this model a more luxurious look and feel.  A built-in cupholder is in place for your favorite beverage of choice.  There is also a leather pouch where you can place your phone, remote or controller.  The recliner is comprised from a sturdy metal frame, which is mated to a solid pedestal base.  The use of high quality materials and components, combined with the ability to recline independently of the fully adjustable footrest make this an absolute steal at $299.  Whether you are playing a game or want to enjoy one of your favorite films, the RSP-900 is a wonderful place to experience your favorite entertainment medium in extreme comfort.



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