Best Gaming Audio Systems and Subwoofers of 2020

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A high end audio system takes every game you play to the next level of immersion.  The experience delivered through finely tuned drivers and subs bring every adventure on screen to life around you.  For this feature, we rounded up our personal favorites that absolutely stood apart as the best sound systems and subwoofers for gaming in 2020.



Best Wireless System under $1200: Sonos PlayBar and Sub


Sonos PlayBar and Sub


This field is growing more competitive by the year, but one package is still holding strong at the top.  The Sonos PlayBar and Sub is a hard hitting combo and you are up and running in mere minutes due to its wireless design.  Nine Class-D digital amplifiers power 6 drivers within the sleekly designed PlayBar.  Highs and mids are crystal clear across the board.

When paired up with the Sonos Sub, you have a highly capable and balanced system.  Two six inch woofers are housed within the gorgeous gloss black enclosure.  Each woofer faces each other to eliminate vibration and rattles.  Placement of the sub couldn’t be easier, as it can be placed in a corner, under the sofa or behind it.  We found it to be most effective in our setup standing up and centered behind the couch.  This allows you to feel each deep bass hit, making every action sequence that much more intense.  Everything is controlled through the Sonos App and it’s extremely easy to use.  Playing our favorite music tracks from Spotify is a seamless process and adding other speakers to your system and to other rooms is an absolute breeze.  It’s a highly versatile and powerful system.


Best System under 2K: SVS Prime Tower Surround System


SVS Prime System Featured Image


With this budget, there are a lot of choices on the table.  One manufacturer though has proven time and time again to provide audio equipment that simply cannot be beat on sound or build quality anywhere near their price points.  SVS produces a wide range of speakers and subwoofers with incredible performance and gorgeous cabinet designs.  Their systems and subs rival those costing 2-3 times more.


SVS Prime Tower Surround System


We covered the SVS Prime Tower Surround System in November and needless to say it did not disappoint.  It pulverizes the room with ferocious sound and performance, turning every game and movie into a truly cinematic experience.  This system from SVS demonstrates what is possible when a company refuses to compromise on their goals and accepts nothing less than absolute brilliance from their product line.  Each cabinet design presented here and their overall finish will floor you at first sight.  This system doubles as a work of art within your home theater or living room.


Best Subwoofer under $500: SVS SB-1000


SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer Review - Pixelated Gamer


This was by far the biggest shut out we’ve seen for this comparison.  There simply isn’t a powered sub out there that comes close to what the SVS SB-1000 offers at $500.   Inside is a 12″ front firing driver with enormous dual ferrite magnets coupled with a FEA-optimized internal motor technology for strong deep bass with minimal distortion even at the highest levels.  It’s powered by a Sledge STA-300D amplifier, pushing up to 720 Watts of peak power and 300 watts RMS without even breaking a sweat.


SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer Review - Pixelated Gamer


The SVS SB-1000 subwoofer is an absolute workhorse and decimates the competition anywhere near its price tag.  Its compact size allows it to be placed just about anywhere, perfect for small to medium sized rooms.  The sealed design and advanced DSP on-board delivers outstanding responsiveness, where each bass hit from the durable 12″ driver is shockingly fast and clean.  This model shines in precision and clarity, delivering a wonderfully balanced experience when paired up with our SVS Prime Tower Surround System.


Best Wireless System under $400: Aperion Audio Allaire


Allaire Bluetooth Speaker Pair Review - Pixelated Gamer


Aperion Audio has crafted something truly special with the wireless Allaire Series.  Upon reviewing this speaker pair, the fit, finish and performance that is provided by this wireless audio system is just profound.  Their compact size produces bold sound with a small footprint.   Nearly every connection you could possibly desire is available here, making it highly versatile in how you connect your devices.



The ability to add a sub opens the door to a room shaking system, in case you desire that extra level of bass.  The self-amplified woofers deliver ferocious performance and full sound that will completely transform the way you enjoy your games, movies or music from your PC and gaming console.


Best System under $250: Creative Sound BlasterX Katana


Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Audio System Review (PC) - Pixelated Gamer


Creative set out to develop something extraordinary with their Katana audio system.  Their vision was a robust soundbar, specifically designed to fit comfortably under any gaming monitor, while delivering elite performance.  It’s packed to the brim with technology including upward firing drivers, high excursion tweeters, long-throw subwoofer and Aurora Reactive Lighting LEDs.


Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Audio System Review (PC) - Pixelated Gamer


The Sound BlasterX Katana is a sleek and powerful all-in-one audio package for PC gamers that looks just as impressive as it sounds.


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